Zayn Malik Hairstyle

Zayn Malik is changed so many Hairstyle like long hairstyle, bald hairstyle, mostly zayn do and like short hairstyle. Zayn Malik Hairstyle is always cool and loving by him Fans. We found some famous Zayn’s Hairstyle loved by him fans. Check out our Latest Zayn Malik Haircut 2018. Zayn Malik’s Fans want zayn get new hairstyle and looking handsome day by day. That’s why zayn change new hairstyle and cool hairstyles also get celebrity hairstyles for men.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle 2019

The Directioners loved zayn malik haircut last time zayn take photo-shot for a new album. For a new album zayn malik make new hairstyle. Check out our new Zayn Malik haircuts collection with tips to get the hairstyle like zayn malik hairstyle 2017.


1. Spiky + Messy + Side Part High Fade

zayn malik hairstyle spiky short hair

This Hairstyle is taken by ELLE Magazine for Zayn’s New Fashion Trends and Latest Album, Zayn’s spiky Haircut is very simple and Famous. The side part of the hairstyle is High Fade + Skin Fade.

2. Mohawk with Spikes + Side Pomp

zayn malik hairstyle spiky mohawk side part fade with beard


Zayn’s Mustache is not fine like gentleman. This Zayn Malik Hairstyle is Mohawk Haircut with Spiky and Messy. On the side part haircut is a Pomp Side, Pompadour Haircut and Low Fade Haircut.


3. Zayn’s Long Hairstyle for Men with Colored

zayn malik hairstyle long length hair textured layers

Mostly zayn like colored hair and we know zayn makes long hairstyle for so many songs. In the Song NIGHT CHANGE – ONE DIRECTION zayn’s have so long hair and his fans loves too.

4. Short Spiky Teen Hairstyle

zayn malik haircuts zayn malik hairstyle short spiky haircut 2018

This is New Update Zayn Malik Haircut 2018 for Zayn’s New Album and Single LET BE. This Picture took for the album cover or another photoshoot for promotion. Spiky Haircuts is Zayn’s Favorite and He looks awesome with Spiky Hair.

6. Medium Hairstyle

zayn malik haircuts with zayn malik beard

Zayn Malik Beard Style is very simple and cool because of his face. Mostly this type of haircut is suite for cute or handsome men.

7. Zayn’s Man Bun

zayn malik haircuts long hair man bun zayn malik hairstyle

Zayn’s First Man Bun Hairstyle and Cool Long Hair of Zayn Malik. Short Haircut side fade hairstyle.

8. Buzz Haircut

zayn malik haircut buzz haircut short hairstyle

This is the close-up picture of zayn malik face with his short haircut or buzz haircut with some hair beard. He’s looking so cute and active with this haircut. This Picture is used for a promotion of a Company.

9. Short Haircut

too short haircuts zayn malik haircuts

10. Messy Spikes

messy spiky side high fade zayn malik haircuts

11. Medium Length Hairstyle

long hairstyle of zayn malik haircuts

12. Long Length Disconnected

disconnected zayn mali haircut long messy hairstyle

13. Curly Long Hair

curly haircut side fade zayn malik haircuts

zayn malik hairstyle long hairstyle for men

In this picture zayn in Awards show zayn with one direction member’s celebrate success. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and zayn make a new album and get a Beautiful Success. This Hairstyle zayn’s have so long and babycut hairstyle.


zayn malik hairstyle buzz cut short hair

Zayn’s Favorite Hairstyle Buzz Cut so short haircut with Beard. Zayn’s Beard is very simple and still growing more.

zayn malik mens suit red carpet long haircuts

This picture took in his award show. You can see that beautiful bear face hairstyle and the beard. This Hairstyle is messy with medium length hair.

zayn malik hairstyle 2018 zayn malik haircut

Spiky Haircut and Too short beard hair with the most handsome face of Zayn Malik on his Show.

zayn malik haircut in paris fashion show

This Zayn Haircut is The Show of Paris. Too Show Buzz Haircut of Zayn, the tiger eyes with Short Beard Style.

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